Friday, September 21, 2007

Five Edinburg Mayors Endorse Representative Peña

Edinburg - Some call them city fathers, others call them mayor, but this week the supporters of Representative Peña are calling them the "Five Wise Men of Edinburg."

Today five former mayors of Edinburg endorsed the re-election of State Representative Aaron Peña. Mayors Al Ramirez, 1963-1967; Ronald Case, 1973-1981; Richard Alamia, 1981-1987; Rudy de la Viña, 1987-1993 and Richard Garcia, 2003-2006 are calling on their community to support Representative Peña and re-elect him to a 4th term in the Texas House.

"I had the fortune of being elected mayor of this great city in 1963," said Mayor Al Ramirez. "I have know Aaron and his family for a long time. He is a hometown boy who played in our baseball parks and in our football fields. Aaron knows and cares for Edinburg. He has done a great job for our city and we need to keep him in office."

Mayor Case added, "Aaron's roots run deep in this city. He has always put this community in front of personal interest. He follows a long Edinburg tradition of service to community."

Mayor Alamia voiced the concern expressed by many that people outside our community are pushing Representative Peña's opponent. "When you are determined to fight for your community and not push some special interest agenda you step on some toes. I am proud of Aaron's record and I know he will continue to represent the concerns of our citizens."

Mayor Garcia put it plainly, "Aaron has proven that he has the experience and strength to deliver. When the city asked him to secure important funding for the RAHC he came through with $5 million. He also delivered $3 million for the construction of a new health clinic and substance abuse treatment center and another $750 thousand for our museum on the square. At the campus of the University of Texas Pan American you will see a brand new $26 million Health and Wellness Center and the construction of $40 million Performing Arts Complex that will stand as a jewel not only for Edinburg, but the entire Rio Grande Valley. There is no doubt that Aaron has served this community with great success."

Mayor de la Viña agreed that Representative Peña continues to prove on his word. "Aaron won't back down when the going gets tough. He was the primary joint author of $80 million CHIP legislation that restored healthcare services to thousands of children. He has fought for our public schools, teachers and retirees. Aaron has earned some real momentum. Our community can not afford to move backwards."

"I am so proud to see these true public servants united behind my re-election campaign," said Representative Peña. "Over the years I have learned so much listening, talking and visiting with these men and so many others like them in our community. Many try and buy respect but it must be earned. I will continue to serve the interests of the people of this city and District 40 with a sincere heart and a true spirit."

The Democratic Primary Election will be held on March 4, 2008. Representative Peña is facing the same challenger he overwhelmingly defeated in 2004..

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