Sunday, November 09, 2008

Herding Legislators

I am home in my beloved Texas and all is well. All is well except for the stirrings at the Texas Capitol. To date, nothing has been resolved in this momentous struggle for the gavel that leads the Texas House. In my absence each side of the battle has mustered their faithful to do battle. Unfortunately, mustering legislators is much akin to herding cats.

Each side repeats the same refrain, "we have the votes" to win this battle. Now there is one of two things going on here. One, one side is clearly not telling the truth or two, both sides are counting the same "faithful", thus leading to an inaccurate count. We certainly heard the "we ain't lost a one of them" in the last go round.

Many are still waiting for tomorrow's recount in the Linda Harper Brown race up in the Dallas area to see if a Democrat might still have a chance. Expect the spin to be hot and heavy as we continue the struggle to determine the balance of power in the Texas House.

As the cowboy so correctly put it, "I wouldn't do nothing else."

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