Wednesday, April 13, 2005


In 1983, a young energetic Representative worked to pass reforms prohibiting the personal use of political contributions. In 2003, the same energetic Representative passed the Omnibus Ethics Bill, HB 1606. During his tenure, my predecessor, Rep. Steve Wolens tenaciously worked to bring higher ethical standards to the state capitol. It is an honor to carry the torch on ethics that Rep. Wolens carried and I am here to work on behalf of the people of Texas who deserve
cleaner elections. I am proud to joint-author HB 1348.

A little over a week ago as I was sitting on my porch and reading the Dallas Morning News editorial, it stated that 27 R's and 9 D's were supporting HB 1348. Immediately I thought they made a mistake. Surely there are more D's behind the bill. Upon researching the issue, I was embarrassed that we, Democrats, were not more involved. We are the party of ethics, we are the party of reform, and we are the party for clean elections.

I am happy to be among the 63 Democrats on the bill. We have the entire delegation locked solid in favor of reform and as a freshman that gets me pumped up. I want to thank Rep. Todd Smith and Rep. Craig Eiland for leading a bipartisan effort and for their leadership.

These shady political ads that are secretly funded must be stopped.

Voters have the right to know who is behind these attack ads, by requiring full disclosure of the individuals, corporations and PACs funding the ads. If donors are big enough to run these ads, they should be big enough to disclose they funded the ad.

There is bi-partisan support in the house. The bill has been in committee 8 weeks and counting. As a member of the elections committee I look forward to hearing any further testimony and assisting in moving the bill out of committee and eventually to the house floor for debate and for a vote.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

That's great, Rep. Anchia, that's exactly what legislators should use blogs for -- take your message directly to the public. No need to filter it through the media or expensive marketing campaigns. Blogs were made for elected officials - it's a megaphone for your bully pulpit, and some days that's all you have.

Now come back regularly and use Lone Star Rising to tell us all what's going on! And Rep. Pena, what a great idea -- I'd sure have never thought of it, but maybe it's just what's needed to move some of these folks into the 21st century.

Buena suerte, amigos!

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