Friday, April 15, 2005


After serving in the House for going on 11 years, I've got enough experience to realize that the education legislation we are considering will have a tremendous impact on schools all over the state -- and for many years to come. In the past, schools that were largely of a minority population were the ones being shortchanged. This year, it is clear that public schools in general are going to be shortchanged, if the general provisions in HB2 become law. Minorities are certainly on the losing end, but it is more than that. Schools all over the state will suffer -- minorities or no minorities. It is either an intended or unintended attack on public schools, period. I believe it is intentional, but you be your own judge.

A CALL TO PEACEFUL ARMS... I am disappointed that communities around the state seem to be largely silent in their concern about what is happening with these education reforms. So I mentioned a simple idea to some of my folks back home in Laredo -- let's March For Education. Our message will be directed to Governor Perry and it will be simple, "Don't Leave Our Schools Behind."

Just as women in this country successfully gained rights they had never had and just as our communities gained voting and civil rights through organized marches for these causes, I believe we should call on our communities to March For Education. It may sound simple to some, but a large peaceful march can send a large powerful message to the person who, in the end, will decide whether to sign a bill into law or veto it --Governor Rick Perry. I often disagree with Governor Perry, but if he stands up for our schools -- public schools in Texas -- I'll be the first one to say that he did the right thing. Hope springs eternal, and when I pray each night, I pray for all to do the right thing -- including Rick Perry.

We are moving forward in Laredo to have our march on Saturday, April 30 at 9:00 a.m. We'll gather at the Laredo Civic Center and march to Martin High School, the oldest high school in Laredo. We will say that we are proud of our past, but gather in order to make sure we have an even better future.

I hope anyone who reads this will come to Laredo and join us in the march, or even better yet, have a march in your community. It will matter. If only 50 people show up, then that's 49 times more than if you had simply marched by yourself. If 5,000 people show up, obviously, it sends a stronger message.

If we don't harness the energy, interest and support for this cause that I KNOW exists for a stronger and fairer educational system, we'll get left behind. My message to you, "Don't Leave Our Schools Behind."


Anonymous said...

Rep. Raymond,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on school finance. As a school board member in a rural area, I to agree that public education is being shortchanged. Unfunded mandates and loss of revenue will make fulfilling our educational obligations very challenging in public schools. Did we lose sight of equal funding and properly educating our youth for the sake of strong armed politics?

I appreciate your service.


Daily Texican said...

Fantastic post. I hope this gets some steam! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Rep. Raymond for voting for the Talton Amendment on SB6!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Raymond,

What a lovely vote to hurt children in the Texas Legislature. I guess you hate Gays more than you love Texas children. I suppose you believe that tearing hundreds of kids out of their homes or leaving them in orphanages is somehow consistent with your "religious" beliefs.

If you think this helps you beat Cuellar in the Dem primary for Congress, you are sorely mistaken.

I was going to support anyone but Cuellar for Congress next year. I guess if you run, I'll have to support the Republican candidate (something I haven't done in 10 years). I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ouch, You twisted the knife with HJR 6. So much for the principles of the Democratic Party. Equality naah, we're going backwords! Yee Haaw! Raymond for Congress 2006!

Anonymous said...

Richard: sorry to see you voted for the Talton amendment. It's up to you to stand up to these guys. You have just given them more fuel for the next silly amendment.

How can you support a diversion away from housing, jobs, poverty, environment ?

Even if the majority of your district felt that way, it is still wrong. If your district was for segregation, would you still vote their wishes ?

It's about courage, Richard.

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