Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Eleven Democratic Texas senators signed a letter to block voter picture ID bill-effectively killing the bill.At approximately 4:47 p.m. the Texas House having knowledge of the move by the Texas senators passed HB 1706 by Mary Denny.

The final vote was 78 Ayes to 67 Nayes.The bill would require photo id or two aleternatives in combination with a voter registration card in order to vote. Democrats complain that the bill creates undue obstacles to voting for the elderly and students, among others. They also argue that this is part of a nationwide Republican effort to disenfranchise voters.

Senate Democrats rendered the hours of House debate moot by signing a letter indicating that they will not vote to suspend the rules in order to bring up the bill. Senate requires 2/3s of the 31 members to vote to suspend before a bill can be heard.


Anonymous said...

Finally, Democrats stick together on something!

Sonia Santana said...

Thank you Texas Senators for standing up for us once again.


moiv said...

My heartfelt thanks, Senators, for defending our rights as voters.

I hope you will be as resolute in defending our rights as women, by refusing to hear:

HB 2997, which egregiously humiliates a woman by violating both her personal and medical privacy for no stated reason;

HB 1212, which puts pregnant and abused teenagers seeking a judicial bypass at even further risk of more than one highly dangerous outcome, and;

HB 1469, which, according to established federal precedent, violates the First Amendment by forcing women to take physical possession of state-published materials even against their will, while forcing doctors to pay for those materials even when they are opposed to distributing them.

Unless there are three consecutive miracles in the House, defending the safety, dignity and constitutional rights of Texas women will be left to you.

We hope you won't let us down.

moiv said...

Apologies for the bad link in the above post. Information about the unconstitutionality of an Alabama law with an identical provision as HB 1469 can be found at the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Anonymous said...

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