Friday, May 06, 2005

JOE MORENO 1964-2005

May God bless my dear friend and colleague Joe Moreno (D-Houston) who died early this morning.

Texas Department of Public Safety officials says that Joe, who was 40 years old, died around 2 a.m. at the scene of the accident between Ellinger and LaGrange. State Rep. Rafael Anchía, 36, D-Dallas, was taken to Brackenridge Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, officials said. Monica Lisa Piñon, 28, the chief of staff for State Rep. Joe Pickett, D-El Paso, was in the back seat of the truck and also was taken to Brackenridge Hospital with broken bones. She is currently in surgery reportedly is in fair condition.

Here are the stories from various news outlets: Austin American Statesman, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, The AP, and from our friend Marc Campos.

What I remember about Joe was his love of politics, gadgets and sports. In fact he and Rep. Anchia supposedly had a friendly wager on the Rockets-Mavericks series, where the loser would have to wear the jersey of the winning team. Rafael is from Dallas and Joe from Houston.

Joe also loved to show me all the latest electronic gadgets. The cell phone I use was recommended to me by Joe. He was always one step ahead of the pack, always looking for the newest item coming out of Japan or Germany.

The second anniversary of the Killer D's is coming up next week. Joe was a good friend and an important participant in those trying times in Ardmore. Joe had shirts printed up and playing cards made to share with the other members. I remember we all spent one very special night at a "rib joint" called Budrows in Ardmore. About 15 reps. gathered for a good meal as we enjoyed the camaraderie of the moment. Joe was the life of the evening.

Joe, we are all going to miss you. Thank you for your service but most especially for your friendship.

And when we gather next week to remember those perilous days in Ardmore, we will all take a moment to remember you brother.

Until we meet again.


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