Monday, May 09, 2005


Mr. Speaker and members...

Marissa and I want to thank all of you for your prayers, calls and visits during the last few days. For those of you I have been unable to contact, I want to let you know I am OK.

We also want to offer our thanks to those persons who helped us on Friday morning, including Trooper Moore from DPS, the members of the Fayette County EMS, the crew of Star Flight and the staff at Brackenridge Hospital.

Special thanks go to Rod Welsh, Tim Flynn and Nancy Fisher.

And finally, we want to thank Speaker and Nadine Craddick for their generosity and comfort during this difficult time.

Mr. Speaker and members please continue to pray for Monica PiƱon as she recovers from her injuries. Please also keep the family of our friend Joe Moreno in your prayers.

In the difficulty of the last few days, i can only come to one conclusion that provides me with any solace. It is the understanding that God's plan has no flaws. Last Thursday, it was God's plan that I be with my friend Joe as he began his new journey.

Thank you Mr. Speaker and members.

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