Monday, January 21, 2008

HD 40: Texas Hospital Association Endorses Rep. Peña

I am pleased to report yet another significant endorsement with statewide implications. The political advocacy arm of the Texas Hospital Association has informed me that they are on this day issuing an endorsement of my re-election.

The Texas Hospital Association (THA) is one of the largest, most respected health care associations in the country. More than 85 percent of Texas hospitals and health systems are THA members. Members of the organization employ more than 300,000 health care professionals. THA serves as the political and educational advocate for more than 430 hospitals and health systems across the state. The organization has been representing the interests of Texas hospitals and health systems for more than 75 years.

On Friday we announced the endorsement of former Texas Democratic Party Chairman Charles Soechting. That certainly was a huge endorsement. Today's endorsement however has a particularly valuable purpose at this point in time.

Today's endorsement is the second major health care endorsement we received in recent days. The political advocacy arm of the Texas Medical Association endorsed us in December.

With the unfortunate distortion and smear conducted by the Eddie Saenz Campaign against our health care record this endorsement and the kind words by medical professionals will go a long way in bringing truth to interested citizens. Here are words from a recent press release:

"Manual Acosta, MD, chair of the TMA Political Action Committee (TEXPAC) Board of Directors. “He is determined to fight for health care for those Texans who can least afford it. We need to make sure he wins reelection.”

During the 2007 Texas Legislature, Representative Peña supported House Bill 109, which restored Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage for more than 120,000 children in low-income, working families. He worked to shore up the Medicaid system so physicians can provide quality care to poor Texans.

“Representative Peña’s record this year is a continuation of the solid support for health care he has demonstrated since first winning election to the House of Representatives in 2002,” Dr. Acosta said. “He brought a new drug treatment center to his district.

“We urge Representative Peña’s constituents to send him back to Austin for more of the same.”

We thank all the professionals mentioned for their endorsements, trust and confidence. We look forward to continuing our positive campaign for the future success of our community. There are 43 days left until primary election day and with the continued support of supporters like those mentioned today, success surely awaits us on that day.

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