Friday, January 25, 2008

Say It Loud Paul

I first met Paul Burka when I was a member of the Young Democrats at the University of Texas at Austin when he came over to the Student Union to discuss the goings-on at the Texas Capitol. The political bug has never left me from those years I spent at the University and I have enjoyed following the observations of Mr. Burka ever since.

Fast forward to the present, Paul has been following the contested legislative races across the state of Texas. He has even taken to the field and recently visited the Valley. His postings have caught my eye and I must say that I believe that he is right-on in the contested District 40 race.

"Aaron Pena (D) -- Craddick D faces a challenge by Eddie Saenz, a civil engineer and chairman of two hospital boards. Update 1/16: Saenz was supposed to be a tough opponent for Pena, but he was cited for DUI before the filing deadline and was a no-show at a major Democratic forum, sending his wife to represent him. Update 1/17: D analysts say the only way to beat Pena is from the left, and Saenz, a chamber of commerce type, is not the sort to be comfortable with campaigning from that direction. Update 1/22. I just got back from a trip to the Valley, and I couldn't find anybody who thinks Pena has any problems."

Paul's most recent post following his visit to South Texas strongly suggests a theme of change for the Valley. I can't agree more, changes have occurred in the Valley. But with that change must come changes in the politics still practiced by some. This District 40 race most clearly delineate that choice. I believe in a stronger future where the Valley takes it's rightful place as an economic and political full partner in leading this state in a positive direction for our families. We achieve that in South Texas by rejecting the tired failed and at times corrupt machine practices of the past and instead rise to the expectations of the good people we now represent.

Say it loud Paul, most people in the Valley want what most Americans want, honest government and a future that offers a better place for their kids than the present. If I'm right, then we should not expect any problems come election day.

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