Friday, February 15, 2008

Dist. 40: More Push Polling By The Saenz Campaign

We all read about the unethical push poll the Eddie Saenz campaign ran against me in October. To their credit, the Monitor newspaper denounced the tactic as unacceptable. No apologies were made despite the underhanded nature of the poll.

We are getting another series of reports that they're at it again. Apparently unsatisfied with their previous underhanded poll conducted by a Las Vegas firm and his current standing with the voters, this time the push poll seems to be conducted out of the local offices of the Eddie Saenz campaign.

From the beginning of this campaign we have asked that our opponent run a clean campaign. Our repeated requests have gone unanswered. We would call on the pillars of this community to once again denounce the unethical tactics used by Eddie Saenz. On March 4, I would ask the citizens of District 40 to once again show our overwhelming disdain for the mud-slinging and again reject Mr. Saenz at the polls.

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