Sunday, February 10, 2008

District 40: Saenz Lies About Another Endorsement

Eddie Saenz has been caught once again trying to deceive the public. In an advertisement which ran in the Monitor on Sunday, February 10th, Eddie Saenz falsely claimed the endorsement of Edcouch City Council member Maria de la Cruz. After seeing the advertisement Mrs. de la Cruz expressed concern to me that she had not authorized her name to be used in an endorsement. Today she delivered to me a letter issued to our local newspaper expressing her belief that Eddie Saenz had deceived her and the newspaper.

This marks the third time that it has been proven that the Eddie Saenz campaign has lied to the public. Last month, Saenz falsely claimed that he had received the endorsement of the Sullivan City Mayor. The news magazine was forced to correct their initial story after it was determined that Saenz was falsely claiming an endorsement.

Last November in a story in the Edinburg Review Eddie Saenz lied about my vote on a legislative pension increase. I voted against it and he falsley claimed in the newspaper that I voted for it. The newspaper printed a retraction.

Today Edcouch City Council member Maria de la Cruz is the third dirty trick played on the press by my opponent. With 24 days left in this campaign it is not likely to be the last.

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